Overview Edit

This page is for describing our community standards and practices. These standards and practices are in place to help make our work here both meaningful and enjoyable.

For one major example, here is Wikipedia's "Policies and guidelines."

Course Policies Edit

Below are standards and practices that I tend to include on my syllabi. [How might these be expanded, adapted, or disrupted given our work on this Wiki? This would be a good topic to discuss in our Forum.]

Participation & Attendance Edit

Doing well in this course means you should: read assigned readings multiple times before coming to class, bring the readings to class, ask questions, join discussions by speaking to your classmates, and prep assignments thoroughly. Late work will not be accepted. Excessive absences for whatever reason will constitute grounds for failure of the course. If you have an emergency, it is your responsibility to communicate with me and complete your work. If circumstances prevent your regular attendance, you should drop this course and take it another semester.

Online Work & Electronic Communication Edit

I expect all electronic work and communication to follow directly from the thoughtful work we do in the classroom together. The weekly work we do online with the course wiki will count toward your thoughtful, engaged participation in the course. I check my e-mail during business hours, and I do my best to respond within 24 hrs.

Academic Integrity Edit

Any assignment with your name on it signifies that you are the author—that the wording and ideas are yours, except when you use quotation/paraphrase & citation. Briefly, plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of others’ materials (words or ideas). Evidence of plagiarism may result in an “F” in the course and a report filed with the dean. I expect you to familiarize yourself with the definition and consequences of plagiarism. Please see the “Policy on Academic Integrity and the Establishment of the Academic Integrity Council; Revised,” at

Accessibility Resource Services Edit

Students requiring assistance or appropriate academic accommodations for a disability should establish eligibility for support services through the Accessibility Resource Center in the Student Services Center 170, (530-898-5959),

Title IX Edit

State law makes university professors mandated reporters. This means I am required to report to the Title IX Coordinator whenever I learn about incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking that affect any member of the campus community. This includes disclosures that occur during our class discussions or in private. Students may make a confidential report to the Counseling and Wellness Center or Safe Place. Information of campus reporting obligations and other Title IX related resources are available here: